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Making The Invisible - Visible

Earth Radar - Roads

Pavements and Structures

Earth Radar are world leaders in the rapid capture of accurate data on conditions within road networks. Our innovative systems incorporate a number of technologies including some that are patented and industry leading.

Beyond this our systems are designed to operate under normal road conditions, travelling at speeds of up to 100km/h. This allows us to capture extensive high-resolution data-sets over massive areas quickly and without the need to deploy costly of disruptive traffic management measures.

Road intersection drone top down

Our systems are designed and built in Australia to meet Australian Standards and cope with our demanding environment. Earth Radar’s R&D team includes some of the leading minds in this field who have used their expertise, experience and ingenuity to combine a suite of technologies that enable us to generate deliverables at resolutions and with clarity not achievable through traditional techniques.

The end result of this approach is that we are able to extract condition assessment metrics about a road network to a higher confidence threshold and higher resolution than anyone else. This empowers our clients to better manage their road network through a more targeted spending of funds for remedial works and better understanding of future budget requirements.

Additionally, our systems can measure and monitor road layer thicknesses, detect potential voids or defects or assist with bridge deck condition assessments.

Earth Radar offer many services relevant to the Roads sector including but not limited to:

  • Surface Characteristics
  • Layer Assessment
  • Environmental Imaging
  • Concrete and Structure (such as bridge decks) Investigations
  • 3D GPR Surveys
  • SUI Locating, Survey, Mapping, Proving and Verification
  • RFID Marker Balls
  • Environmental and Subsurface Reality Capture
  • Concrete Scanning
  • Void/Defect Detection
  • Mapping, Modelling, Reporting and Visualisation
Road roundabout drone shot

Case Study:

Wagga City Council - Road Network Condition Assessment


The Challenge:

To rapidly capture condition assessment metrics across Wagga City Councils road network as part of their ongoing Road Asset Management Plan.

The Solution:

Through deployment of Earth Radar’s PaveScout™ system, we were able to drive the required routes at speeds of up to 100km/h collecting information on pavement cracking, roughness, rutting and thickness. All of the data collected is geo-referenced to enable assessment of how conditions vary within the network.

“The crack defect maps produced by the PaveScout™ system showed me areas in my network that I didn’t know had problems. The result was ability to resurface a road before base damage occurred. It was clear to me that windscreen surveys or normal camera based assessments were woefully inaccurate, and didn’t allow me to solve the problems early enough. The saving we had for one road, paid for the entire road network survey Rob Owers – Wagga City Council

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Making the Invisible - Visible

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