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Our Services

Making The Invisible - Visible

We are trusted partners to a wide variety of government, local government, utility asset owners and private sector clients helping to deliver some of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects. Earth Radar’s team have many years’ experience and are highly trained to meet your project needs.

Benefits from our services include:

  • ​More targeted cost allocation and improved ROI
  • Greater control over project budget risk
  • Manage and mitigate OH&S subsurface risk
  • Reduced risk of costly variations due to subsurface unknowns
  • Delivery though intelligent design or BIM
  • Reduced risk of time overruns
  • Reduced overall project delivery costs and reputation risk

Our Services

Through our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Earth Radar provide industry leading solutions to meet your surface and subsurface investigation and measurement needs.

Our range of services and technologies can be utilised to solve many industry driven challenges; from helping to maximise returns through rapid capture of condition data for incorporation into a pro-active road network management plan, through to locating, surveying and generating 3D models of existing subsurface utility infrastructure to facilitate a BIM orientated design workflow or to mitigate and manage risk related to buried utilities and services.

Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)

Trusted SUI Specialists:

  • EMI & GPR Utility Locating
  • 3D-GPR Subsurface Reality Capture
  • Underground utilities and services mapping/modelling
  • Survey grade deliverables
  • 3D modelling and BIM support
  • Non-Destructive Digging (NDD or potholing) proving and validation
  • All works in compliance with AS 5488—2013

The Solution:

Earth Radar’s trained team of Geophysical specialists are able to use GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to survey the ground conditions along a proposed corridor.

By geo-referencing the GPR data, it is possible to then assess the ground conditions along the route identifying areas suitable for ploughing and areas where trenching will be required. Additionally, the GPR is able to identify any other anomalies observed along the route such as areas with significant amounts of buried rocks/boulders or other subterranean features.

Incorporated Services and Technologies:

  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
  • Geo-referenced data-set through GNSS
  • Route planning and analysis


  • Ground/Rock Classification Report
  • Geospatial map showing different ground conditions
  • AutoCAD deliverables
  • Expert advice and analysis

Earth Radar ute underground locator device 11

Pavements and Structures

World leading technological solutions:

  • Pavement Layer Depth Analysis - Noise Modulated 3D-GPR capable of operating at up to 100km/h
  • Cracking, structural failure and defect analysis – High resolution (+/- 1mm) Photometric Imaging
  • Environmental Imaging – Geospatially tagged reference image dataset
  • Roughness and Rutting Assessment
  • Surface Texture Analysis
  • Bridge Deck Investigations
  • All metrics capable of being collected at speeds of up to 100km/h

The Solution:

Earth Radar’s team of GPR and Geophysical experts are highly experienced in using the various specialist concrete scanning GPR devices available to accurately and reliably map to location of existing rebar and utilities within in-situ reinforced concrete.

To do this the appropriate GPR unit will be chosen to best fit the requirements of the site to be surveyed. One of Earth Radar’s GPR technicians will then undertake the site investigation and mark-up the location of the rebar found within the reinforced concrete.

If required, Earth Radar’s survey team are then able to record and map the findings to allow this information to be taken into consideration by the design team. This helps to limit costly variation orders due to conflicts by addressing any clashes at the design stage.

Incorporated Services and Technologies:

  • Concrete Scanning using GPR
  • Survey
  • Drafting and Mapping


  • 3D Visualisation of the GPR data-set
  • Photo Report
  • Investigation Report
  • Survey drawing (AutoCAD .DWG or other format as required)

Earth Radar ute underground locator device 3


GPR and Geophysical Specialists:

  • Industry leading research and development in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Australian developed and made 3D-GPR systems and software
  • Void detection surveys
  • Ground/Rock Profiling Investigations and Reporting
  • Concrete Scanning
  • Tree Route Mapping
  • Magnetic Gradiometer Surveys
  • Archaeological and Burial Site GPR Investigations

The Solution:

3D-GPR! By utilising the LatroTM 3D-GPR system to map the area of concern, Earth Radar can generate a plan showing the exact location of the major root network. This is made possible through combining the 3D-GPR dataset into a highly accurate spatial map of the subsurface.

By tracking the LatroTM 3D-GPR using a Total Station, we can achieve survey grade positional accuracy and consistency resulting in the ability to identify and map tree roots.

If required, Earth Radar’s survey team are then able to process and map the findings through to a CAD deliverable to allow this information to be taken into consideration by interested third-parties.

Incorporated Services and Technologies:

  • 3D-GPR
  • Subterranean Reality Capture
  • Survey
  • Drafting and Mapping


  • 3D Visualisation of the GPR data-set
  • Photo Report
  • Investigation Report
  • Survey drawing (AutoCAD .DWG or other format as required)

Earth Radar ute underground locator device 17

The Solution:

Earth Radar have a team of qualified Geophysicists who are trained and experienced in undertaking Magnetic Gradiometer Surveys.

They are able to determine the most appropriate systems for the target environment to be able to meet the client’s measurement requirements and then undertake the field works and subsequent processing, analysing and deliverable generation.

Incorporated Services and Technologies:

  • Vertical Component Fluxgate Gradiometer System
  • Geo-referencing capabilities for mapping applications
  • Excellent management and mitigation of background error sources


  • Magnetic Gradiometer Survey Report
  • Interpretation and analysis of survey results
  • Graphical mapping of survey results

Earth Radar ute underground locator device 14
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