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Making The Invisible - Visible


UtiliVision™ is a software platform designed and developed in Australia by Earth Radar for interpretation of 3D-GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) specifically created with subsurface utility mapping in mind. While mapping SUI (Subsurface Utility Information) is the main goal, UtiliVision™ can also map other unknown anomalies that warrant further investigation. Imported GPR data is displayed in real-time in its true location with the ability to have an aerial mapping layer in the background.

Included is the ability to instantly switch between raw and migrated GPR data with the click of a button. All pipes, conduits, objects and anomalies identified in the 3D-GPR data can be exported as .DXF files for importing into packages such as AutoCAD. Furthermore, UtiliVision™ has built in visualisation tools to enable users to generate movies or image sets of the 3D-GPR data captured.

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Making the Invisible - Visible

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